The Ph.D. Process: A Student's Guide to Graduate School in the Sciences

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Oxford University Press, 25‏/02‏/1999 - 224 من الصفحات
The Ph.D. Process offers the essential guidance that students in the biological and physical sciences need to get the most out of their years in graduate school. Drawing upon the insights of numerous current and former graduate students, this book presents a rich portrayal of the intellectual and emotional challenges inherent in becoming a scientist, and offers the informed, practical advice a "best friend" would give about each stage of the graduate school experience. What are the best strategies for applying to a graduate program? How are classes conducted? How should I choose an advisor and a research project? What steps can I take now to make myself more "employable" when I get my degree? What goes on at the oral defense? Through a balanced, thorough examination of issues ranging from lab etiquette to research stress, the authors--each a Ph.D. in the sciences--provide the vital information that will allow students to make informed decisions all along the way to the degree. Headlined sections within each chapter make it fast and easy to look up any subject, while dozens of quotes describing personal experiences in graduate programs from people in diverse scientific fields contribute invaluable real-life expertise. Special attention is also given to the needs of international students. Read in advance, this book prepares students for each step of the graduate school experience that awaits them. Read during the course of a graduate education, it serves as a handy reference covering virtually all major issues and decisions a doctoral candidate is likely to face. The Ph.D. Process is the one book every graduate student in the biological and physical sciences can use to stay a step ahead, from application all the way through graduation.

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Deciding to Go to Graduate School
Selecting an Advisor Whose Lab Is Right for Me?
The Stages of Graduate School
Classes Journal Clubs Lab Meetings and Seminars
The Absent Professor
How You Learn
Deciding on Research Projects for Your Dissertation
Do I Belong Here Insecurity and Stress
Foreign Students Unique Problems and Stresses
On the Art of Scientific Writing
What Should Your Goals Be While in Graduate School
Times They Are AChanging
The End Is in Sight Writing the Dissertation
The Final Oral Exam The Defense
References and Additional Reading

Picking a Dissertation Committee and Defending the Proposal at the Preliminary Oral Exam
The Life of a Graduate Student
Some Additional Aspects of Graduate School Life Lab Notebooks Etiquette Competition Luck

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Dale F. Bloom, PhD, received her graduate degree from the Behavioral Neuroscience division of the Department of Psychology at UCLA, completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at the University of Rochester, and is a full-time author. Jonathan D. Karp, PhD, received his doctorate in Psychology from Vanderbilt University and his postdoctoral training in Psychoneuroimmunology at the University of Rochester. He is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Rider University. Nicholas Cohen, PhD, received his doctorate in Biology from the University of Rochester, and his postdoctoral training in Immunology from UCLA. He is a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Psychiatry, and Oncology at the University of Rochester.

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